Prince The Singer.

Prince was announced dead at Paisley Park this morning. Prince was sent to the hospital earlier this week for the flu. Later on his sourced claimed he was fine then this morning he passed away.
I wanted to not believe it as the first few reports from were saying there was a death investigation but police werent saying anything until the family was notified then it was confirmed.
I was never that big of a Prince fan but i loved some of his music and i have very close friends who are huge friends of him. I immediately began to feel for them. I experienced the passing of an idol in 2009 when Michael Jackson passed away. That broke my heart and left me crying everyday for a good 3 months. Not even exaggerating. Then Whitney houston passed. I was heartbroken again. Now that Prince is gone i feel devastated. The biggest thing i can think about is all of our legends are going home and we wont have anyrhing but their memory and music to guide us through life now.

Im grateful for the few legends we still have with us: Aretha Franklin. Patti Labelle. Gladys Knight. Chaka Khan. Diana Ross. Those ladies inspire me and encourage me and i know their deaths will be just as hard. But after that…there wont be anymore legends, for me personally, that will guide me. It will only be their music and memory. That makes me so sad.

Its hard losing anyone, including pets. But its a part of life. Though we hurt. We must continue their legacy through the next generation so that they may live on.

I send my condolences to Prince’s family and all those hurt by his death.
Rest in Paradise, Prince.


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