Hakeem & Cookie (spoilers!)

What can I even say about Empire? I was hooked from the first trailers of the show and the first episode. The music mogul family and their drama has returned last night to FOX channel.

When the last season ended, I didn’t feel very interested in the show. Now I have been a fan of Cookie and she has been the star for me personally, but I felt the show was getting slightly repetitious. When the show came back last night, I was grateful that it started with Cookie beating her youngest son, Hakeem like the very first season started with. I was glued from there on.

Rhonda, Andre’s wife, saved herself (kudos to Rhonda using the cellphone to start her alarm!) but when taken to the hospital, found out she had lost the baby. Shady Anika had the nerve to visit her and ask what happened. SMH. The shadiness that is Anika is so horrible. I never really liked Rhondas character but I felt for her when she lost her baby. Andre, once again had a mental breakdown and I can’t even begin to blame him. Who wouldn’t suffer greatly after a horrific accident like that?

Jamal is now in a state of bisexuality. There is nothing wrong with that and he’s still doing great with his music career. You go, Jamal!

Hakeem. What is there really to say about this one? He seems to always be in trouble with his parents in one way or another. Hakeem has voted his father out of the company and gave the company to his girlfriend, Camille. He then was voted, or rather he took the title of CEO, once Camille was in control. I personally don’t think Hakeem should have that power and control of the business. I think he’s way too immature for something this big. He has shown his ignorance of the business and the truth of running a business like this many times before. I think he’s too proud and selfish to truly run the businessΒ and have a successful term while running it.

Cookie wants to keep the business within the family, even if that means getting Lucious back at the top (personally I want Cookie herself to own her company again) and I can’t blame her. I’d rather have the business in the hands of the family than some woman who’s out to hurt my family and separate them, if I were in Cookies position.

In the previews of next episode, we see Anika being rushed to the hospital. My first thought was Rhonda got her revenge. I am amped and excited to find out who exactly has caused injury to Anika. It might be someone that has nothing to do with Rhonda. I won’t be shocked if so. Karma is a bitch, afterall. Andre is seen questioning Rhonda about whether or not she has been cheating on him ( I bet she was, I felt that she was cheating from the first time I saw her! ) and her reply gave me my answer. She cheated. Lucious came after Hakeem with a challenge and threat. Stating that since Hakeem didn’t kill his father for the title of their business, Hakeem needs to now watch his back because Lucious will stop at nothing to get his throne back.


If you watched the show I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on the new season and what you expect to see!


Stay lovely, Stay happy, Stay Positive.


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