Bucket list! 30 goals before I’m 30.

Hello loves!

I’m here tonight with a bucket list post. I’ve been planning new blog ideas to complete and this is one of them. I am going to do exactly what the title implies: list 30 bucket list goals that I want to do before I’m 30 years old. I’m 24 years old now so that gives me only 7 years to complete these goals. Now I have to remind myself that what doesn’t get completed or reached doesn’t mean I am a failure or the world will end(figuratively speaking) but that I just have more time to complete the unfinished! So let’s get into this list. I won’t have much text because reading 30 items is quite a bit for some folks so I’m going to keep it simple and to the point (I also want to point out that this list is NOT in any specific order).

  1. Participate in a color run.
  2. Visit Paris (I actually want to do this for my 30th birthday).
  3. Become a mommy!
  4. Watch the sunrise/sunset on the beach (I have not done this yet omg).
  5. Practice yoga on the beach in the morning
  6. Run a mile on the beach
  7. Graduate college (anticipated grad so far is 2019)
  8. Buy a house (no finance!)
  9. Host a 4th of July fireworks show at my home.
  10. Have Christmas at my house.
  11. Get married (I am so iffy with this but I’m really praying God provides me with the man He created for me or the marriage thing wont work, I know myself lol)
  12. Visit Disney World
  13. Learn a new language and speak it fluently(enough to get around a foreign place at least)
  14. Buy a pair of Louboutin
  15. Have my own physical store for Shai’s Bakery
  16. Pay for a stranger’s groceries(anything to “pay-it-forward” really)
  17. Build a Gingerbread House (I literally have not done this yet and I don’t even think I’ve tried yet omg)
  18. Visit NO during Mardi Gras
  19. Have a professional photo shoot
  20. Adopt a puppy
  21. Start a new tradition(or habit)
  22. Go whale watching
  23. Visit Times Square
  24. Have a closet that resembles a Boutique( I highly suggest googling pictures for this because if you are a closet girl like myself you will love it).
  25. Film and direct a music video
  26. Find a new church
  27. Have a developed healthy lifestyle
  28. Send Mom on a cruise
  29. Throw my brother a surprise 21st
  30. Go to a drive in movie


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  1. Excellent list. I appreciate it very much. New language is something which I recommend. I speak many languages and they have enriched my life. My blog is in 4 languages for example. #26, well I prefer visit old churches, not a new. Here is example of old wooden church:

    Church of Haukipudas.

    Happy blogging!

    1. lol it’s never too late! I’m glad you like it! You should definitely try the ones you havent done. It’s so important to try new things and experience a new part of life!

      1. when you’re a mom.. trying out new things already mean trying out new things with your kids. 😅 but I love them and life became extraordinary because of them. u gotta love life. excited to read more from while u cross out these things from your bucket list 😊

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