Instagram for makeup??

Hello beauties and dolls!

Today I have a new app I just found. Well it was sort of recommended, I was watching this lovely girl on youtube and she uses the app. I downloaded it myself as you all know I’m a beginner in makeup and so far I adore the app!

It’s called MakeupSocial and it’s quite literally an instagram for makeup lovers. When first signing up you enter the basics, your email, name, password. Then it takes you to a page where you fill out a form about your skin. Hair color, eye color, skin tone, how oily your skin is or isnt, the texture of your hair, the length of your eyelashes and a few other questions. Then when you are done with that, your Similar to Me feed is filled with women similar to you. I love it! It definitely helps me out when looking for makeup because now I can easily see women of my skin tone and what they use (I can’t begin to tell you how confused I was on how to pick my foundation when I had limited funds and choices! Child, it was a mess and I picked a too light foundation still smh).

They have a website and an app for Apple devices but I don’t yet see one for Android phones. Sorry android ladies! I have to use the app on my iPod because my phone is a galaxy s4 (yes I know it’s old but I’m so undecided on if I want to upgrade to iPhone 6plus or Galaxy s6).

The part I like most about this app, it’s free!! Who doesn’t love free apps that are of great use??

Go check it out and let me know what you think! Also feel free to follow me (lilmisslady1821), I havent posted anything yet but I definitely will get to it asap!

Stay beautiful loves,


*I am in no way endorsed or sponsored by MakeupSocial. I wanted to do this review for my blog. All my opinions are honest and true.*

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