Back home and back to work.

Hello! I have lots of videos and some pictures to edit and share with you all. 

Vacationing is really a blessing but also a struggle for a germophobe lol. I am quite tired from my ride home so I doubt this will be very long or detailed but the trip was overall a success. We all managed to have fun and enjoy ourselves. There was a tiny bit of animosity here and there but we are a family and we made the best of things! I know I thoroughly enjoyed my time in South California and I plan to go back very soon. 

Downtown Disney is amazing. It was so beautiful and peaceful. The fact that we went at night just put icing on the cake! It was magical. Plus it was free and who doesn’t love free magical things? I know I do. We went to T.G.I.Fridays for my brothers birthday dinner, my auntie got lost trying to get there so we missed out on celebrating it together lol 

The house of blues is a really amazing place to be when you want to have fun and enjoy yourself. Karaoke night is a blast! The drinks and food there are really good as well. A bit pricey but it’s in Downton Disney, what do you really expect? 

Micks blew the crowd away with his performance of Uptown Funk and many other bold restaurant participants performed amazingly as well! My voice was almost gone from all the cheering and singing I did lol

More later! Stay tuned. 


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