If you’ve visited Shai’s Bakery lately, you might have noticed there have been many changes madelike an entirely different theme in both website and blog. I want to explain why.

I knew my sites needed some spark to them, they were dull and boring and not catching enough eyes. So I decided to update blog, giving it a new theme which I thought was very eye-catching. Then I updated my website because that was in drastic need of a change, I love it now and I don’t plan on changing the main concept anytime soon. Then when I checked my blog around Friday night, I noticed my posts weren’t showing up correctly. I tried everything forums and WP support said to do and even tried my own little quirks. Nothing worked except when I picked another theme, so that’s what I did. Now I don’t plan on changing this one anytime soon. I just want to post my thoughts and updates, meet wonderful people like you and form friendships or businessships.

Since I have been working so hard on my business, the Devil has been against me. He has made his mark on almost everything relating to my business and everyday I am telling him to back away from me and leave me alone! I need to work just as hard as he does trying to keep me down! I became extremely frustrated todayprobably mostly due to lack of sleep and I was near tears. Knowing all the hard work I put into my business, only to have to redo everything from the jump and finding out some of my orders are scammers really bummed me out. I had to listen to Keep The Faith to keep my nerves calm and I am still listening to it (it’s on repeat) 3 hours later.

I am still calming down but I refuse to give up on my bakery and success in general over anything. I’ve done that long enough in my life and I will not give up anymore. Things will get hard again and the better the results, the worse the walk to get said results but I have faith in myself. I know I can do this. I will do this. Satan can just take 10 steps back and cement himself to the floor far away from me.



End Rant



Happy Baking!


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Until next time,

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