April Goals and First Income Report. How I made $118 with my blog

April goals and my first income report! See how I made $118 with my blog #bloggoals #monthlygoals #goals #lifestyleblogger #beautyblogger #introvertblogger #blogincomereport #blogincome #incomereport

Happy April! It’s the first week and that means it’s time to go over goals and create new ones (although you should create your new goals at least a few days before the new month, just for early preparation)! I also made a sale last month with my SiteGround affiliate. But how much money should you have made before writing an income report? This is a legit question that I am looking for the answer to. Let’s get into April Goals, first!

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Before and After of My Office Area | Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning! Very minimal space, no storage, sharing a room with two other people: truly a task! #spring #springideas #springcleaning #seasons #desk #officespace #office #deskspace #officeroom #declutter #cleaning #lifestyleblogger #beautyblogger #fashionblogger

I was highly debating whether or not to even post this but I want you guys to know that all the bells and whistles you see on Laqing In Creativity isn’t how it is behind the scenes.

Sharing a room with my family and not having any storage space is a struggle, especially when I’m trying to work or make my space pretty. However, I have to make use of what I currently have. It could be much worse. I decided to do some spring cleaning and move some stuff around and buy a few small supplies to liven up my office space. I really like how it turned out. 

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St. Patricks Day Makeup Tutorial | A Year Later

St. Patricks Day makeup. A comparison of last year and today. #bloggers #beautybloggers #lifestylebloggers #beautyblog #makeuptutorial #makeupcomparison #makeup #morphebrushes #karity #irish #holidaymakeup

Happy St. Patricks day! Today is like a mini guilty pleasure (?) of mine. I like celebrating it. I don’t do anything special but I do wear green. There is Irish in me after all, it’s only right! Last year for the holiday, I did a makeup tutorial for my YouTube using green as the main element of the look (you’ll be able to watch the video later on in the post). Looking back at the video, there was a lot of cringing and “oh no!” that I made but nevertheless, this post is a comparison of how far I’ve come with my skills and I think I’ve put a pretty good bridge between last year and now. 

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