Before and After of My Office Area | Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning! Very minimal space, no storage, sharing a room with two other people: truly a task! #spring #springideas #springcleaning #seasons #desk #officespace #office #deskspace #officeroom #declutter #cleaning #lifestyleblogger #beautyblogger #fashionblogger

I was highly debating whether or not to even post this but I want you guys to know that all the bells and whistles you see on Laqing In Creativity isn’t how it is behind the scenes.

Sharing a room with my family and not having any storage space is a struggle, especially when I’m trying to work or make my space pretty. However, I have to make use of what I currently have. It could be much worse. I decided to do some spring cleaning and move some stuff around and buy a few small supplies to liven up my office space. I really like how it turned out. 

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St. Patricks Day Makeup Tutorial | A Year Later

St. Patricks Day makeup. A comparison of last year and today. #bloggers #beautybloggers #lifestylebloggers #beautyblog #makeuptutorial #makeupcomparison #makeup #morphebrushes #karity #irish #holidaymakeup

Happy St. Patricks day! Today is like a mini guilty pleasure (?) of mine. I like celebrating it. I don’t do anything special but I do wear green. There is Irish in me after all, it’s only right! Last year for the holiday, I did a makeup tutorial for my YouTube using green as the main element of the look (you’ll be able to watch the video later on in the post). Looking back at the video, there was a lot of cringing and “oh no!” that I made but nevertheless, this post is a comparison of how far I’ve come with my skills and I think I’ve put a pretty good bridge between last year and now. 

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Free & Cheap Spring Break Ideas for The West Coast

Spring break doesn’t start for Vegas students until April 7th but worry not, families and senior students are planning their breaks already. I wish I was planning mine too but being an online student with a year-round schedule, and a starting entrepreneur, doesn’t allow me to have a week long vacation. Not yet, at least 🙂

The struggle around the world has been real for years it seems and times are hard! People are learning all types of ways to save money, reuse things, make money, sell old things…the list goes on. That shouldn’t put a damper on your spring break vacation though! 

Living on the West Coast of USA comes with a lot of beaches, hot sunny weather and amusement parks. But we want to save our money and still have an awesome Spring break vacation right? Here are a few things you can do while visiting the west coast that are super cheap or free!

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5 Daily Statements to Boost Your Confidence

You are what you think. Yes, you read that right. You are what you think. The mind has so much power over our lives and most of the time we’re either ignorant of it or literally can’t sense it. Whatever you think of yourself, is what you become. If you think highly and love yourself, or at least work on thinking that way because let me tell you, it’s NOT easy, your confidence is going to boost up and you’re going to go very far in life.

In everything you do, your confidence is needed. It doesn’t matter if you’re a toddler learning to walk, a child learning to tie their shoes, learning how to draw, drive, cook, sing, or write. You could be wanting something much bigger, like starting your own blog, your own business, publishing a product or offering a service. It could also be something super simple such as doing your hair or makeup.

With all of these things, you need confidence. 

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February Beauty Favorites

February has ended and we’re already getting to the second week of March. The first half of the year always going by way too fast. Mid year (August & September for me) goes way too slow and then the holiday months zoom by even quicker! What’s up with that??? 

Anyways, here are my February beauty favorites!

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Vintage Inspired | Taking It Back with Beauties On Fire

Incorporating fashion into my blog has been a challenge for me. I love many different style types: vintage, trendy, street, high-fashion, goth, color-coordinated…so many more. Loving so many different styles and not being able to yet afford them has given me a huge complex when writing fashion posts. Luckily for this fashion post, the group Beauties On Fire has selected Vintage as it’s theme for this month which certainly gives me an opportunity to sharpen my styling skills. I’m super excited to write this post and share my vintage inspired outfits. 

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Learn more about Beauties On Fire, and join the group (for free!), click here.

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