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Hello Dolls and Kens! It’s Thursday and that means it’s another Beauties On Fire Theme Collab! I am going to soon add a tagged section for all of the Beauties On Fire posts here on my blog but for now, click the links below to see the past themes!

Classic Beauty

Summer Styles

Disney Princesses


This weeks theme is BOLD. Keep reading to see my looks!

So as stated above this week’s theme is bold. As usual, it was voted on and picked by YOU, our readers.

This week I am not feeling the best, I’m not sick but just very fatigued and a little down mentally (I’m fighting with myself on this honestly, I hate feeling like this but it’s still a journey I am on). So I wasn’t really all that excited to look and search for a look I could do and I didn’t want to do another video for you all because I feel that’s too much all the time.

So I figured, why not go with bold lips? Beautiful. Quick. Easy. I have all I need.

I went with it. I took it and ran like the wind with this idea!

I have the KleanColor Lipstick collection and I love their lipsticks. I have a lot of bold colors from this collection and they are so pigmented. Kleancolor lipsticks come with aloe vera in the lipstick so it goes on so smooth and doesn’t dry your lips out. I’ve worn these colors for about 5 hours before having to reapply the color. So they don’t last all day, but they are of really great quality!

Since I am feeling a little down, I thought the best bold colors would be my blues. Get it? I’m blue, the colors are blue? I was never good with puns

Sky Blue
Sky Dive
After Hours

I love these colors, even the sky blue (the lightest one)! I mostly love the darker ones because I feel they look really good on me and y’all know I live for a dark lip!

If you want to read more about KleanColor, check out my post about them. Also if you want an updated review/thoughts on the collection, let me know! I’d be glad to do so for you all!

Don’t forget to click the image below to check out the other bloggers in this collaboration! They are all beautiful ladies and great bloggers, you will not be disappointed!


Stay bold. Stay Beautiful.


This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure here.

Until next time,


  1. Sky Dive! ❤️
    After Hours looks gorgeous against your skin tone. Wow!!
    And I hope you feel better soon, I know what it feels like to feel like you’re at war with yourself. Keep your head up! Sending lots of positive vibes and energy! ❤️❤️

    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s definitely hard when you’re battling yourself. I will overcome this as I usually do 🙂 Thank you very much for your positive vibes! I fully appreciate them <3

  2. First, I hope you feel better girl!!! Keep your head up gorgeous! You totally rock those blue lips! STUNNING!! I look awful in blue lips haha. I seriously look dead so I am totally jealous. My favorites are Sky Blue and After Hours! Love them!

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