#BeautiesOnFire Movie Edition

Today is Friday which means it’s cheat day and move night (I’m having a stay-in date with myself tonight and I plan on making this a thing). My movies to watch are Captain America and Deadpool. Which brings me to the reason I have created this post.

I’m doing a sexy date night makeup tutorial (with a video!) inspired by Deadpool.

It’s the fourth installment of #BeautiesOnFire and our winning theme that you lovely people picked was books/films! I was so excited for this topic. I’m a book nerd and a Marvel nerd so I knew I could be a total nerd with this post and be happy with it. If you want to see the other #BOF (Beauties On Fire) posts, click the links below:

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I had been so busy this week I was struggling to find out what book or movie I wanted to do a post off of. Then as I was browsing through google Movie Posters, I ran across Deadpool and immediately knew that’s what I wanted to do.

Products used:

Wet’n’wild Photofocus Setting Spray

Maybelline Master Conceal – 50 medium/Fonce

Brown eye liner pencil for the brows

Karity Palette colors (in order) Woolah, Viscous

ELF Rich Red lip pencil for the eyes

Drama Palette for the brow highlight

Ellen Tracy Liquid Liner

Kiss Lashes

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – 355 Coconut

Maybelline Master Contour – 020 Deep/Fonce

Rimmel London Bronzer – 027 SunDance

Wet’n’wild Stoplight Red 911D on the lips

ELF high defintion powder.

Keep scrolling for awesome clips of Deadpool!

Deadpool AKA Wade Wilson worked as a mercenary against those who he felt deserved death. Wade was born in Canada and fell in love, then found out he had cancer.(Marvel.com)

This scene from X-Men Origins, shows Deadpool’s awesome skills and really attractive face before he became deadpool.

Have you seen the Deadpool movie yet? I have and honestly, it’s a must watch.
Here is another clip from the actual movie Deadpool, just a few clips of the funniest scenes in the movie. No spoilers!

Okay, that’s enough videos for now. If you haven’t, make sure you try the movie out, it’s really good!

made in italy
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“House blowing up builds character.” – Deadpool


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    1. Thank you!! The song is actually one of my favorites and it’s on the Deadpool Soundtrack! You should definitely watch it when you get the chance!

  1. As usual you look absolutely gorgeous! That bottom picture in this post where you’re pulling a face totally cracked me up, I love it! & yet you still look amazing pulling faces! Red suits you SO much! Also, I really think it’s about time I got more into Marvel & DC stuff, I’m so useless when it comes to films!

    1. I definitely recommend starting Marvel movies from Captain America: The first Avenger and then watching in chronological order. The plays of the movies from each other is really what got me into Marvel. It’s a big story!! Here’s a guide if you want to get really technical http://www.techtimes.com/articles/48613/20150424/how-to-watch-the-full-marvel-cinematic-universe-in-order.htm I do follow it to a point. Some of the smaller clips/filler clips I didn’t really watch but am still able to fully follow the story. I do watch Agents of Shield though (absolutely amazing IMO) and I do watch all the big movies!

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